School Announcements 27/06/2017 -
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The Governing Body

Foundation Governors
Mr A Berry
Mrs V Davin (Vice Chairman/Safe Guarding)
Mrs M Gregory
Mr R Hoggett (Chairman)
Mr D J Leech
Sister R Lenehan
Mr M O’Riordan
Mrs R Yates
Vacancy (x2)
Member Governor
Mr S Hartley
Coopted Governors
Mrs B Gopal
Parent Governors
Mr S Dudeney
Mrs T Osaze-Omonuwa
Mr P McAuliffe
Teacher Governor
Miss A HolmanStaff Governor
Mrs K Jones
Headteacher Governor
Mrs K O’Neill
Clerk to the Governors/Company Secretary
Mr S Beck

Information Publication

Academy Funding Agreement

Academy Funding Agreement Annexes

Accounts and Annual Report 2014-2015