Design Technology

List of Staff

Miss L Parish – Subject Leader for Design & Technology
Miss L Ellis – Teacher of Design & Technology
Mr M Woodgate – Senior Technician
Mr S Atkins – Technician

Department Aims

The school has several ICT suites catering for a large number of pupils for increasing ICT requirements in the school. Every PC in the school currently runs the Windows 7 Operating System with a large suite of software applications including Microsoft Office 2013 & Adobe Web Premium. There are also many other applications used both school wide & by individual departments. Each PC is a member of the school Network allowing access to files & services throughout the school. Every room in the school also makes use of an Interactive Whiteboard & accompanying software, which is used to great effect to enhance the teaching & learning experience in the classroom.

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Department of Education
November 2011

Design & Technology in the Curriculum

Years 7, 8, and 9

Pupils are taught in groups of up to 22.  They are taught for one double period (100 minutes) a fortnight throughout the whole year. In year 8 & 9 pupils are streamed into 6 groups, 2 top groups and 4 mixed groups.  All lessons take place in  specialist workshops E1 & E2.  We also have computers for CAD & CAM tasks.

Years 10 and 11

We offer GCSE Product Design to year 10 & 11 Pupils.  GCSE Product Design is an exciting course provided by AQA.

In this area of Design and Technology, students are able to design and make products with creativity and originality, using a range of materials and techniques. It  provides opportunities for students to develop an awareness of the nature and significant importance of Design and Technology in a rapidly changing society. Students will build on their knowledge gained at Key Stage 3 in their Design & Technology lessons, and learn to use a wider range of materials and manufacturing processes through a number of design tasks during the course.  For the final project they will have the opportunity to develop work to suit their own capabilities and interests.  They will research, develop a range of solutions, finally selecting and making their product.  The coursework also requires a three dimensional outcome/product that can be used and tested.

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