“The efficacy of chaplaincy provision is profound. It’s aim is to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to the school. It is instrumental in providing a range of opportunities for pupils to develop the practice of their faith.”
Section 48 Inspection, March 2018

The Sacred Heart of Mary Girls’ School is a warm and caring learning community with a strong family ethos and a distinctive Catholic identity. Christ’s presence is at the centre of all teaching and learning and at the heart of all relationships and the school community has a great devotion to Our Lady who is our patron.

Every member of our community plays an important part in contributing to the spiritual life of the school through preparation and participation in assemblies, feast days, masses and liturgies throughout the year.

The spiritual life of the school is coordinated by our Chaplaincy Lead, Mrs. McCoy and is supported by our 40+ member strong chaplaincy team of 6th form students and liturgical representatives for each form. Together, they share a mission to keep Christ at the centre of our school community through our rich, liturgical programme.


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