Life in the 6th Form is a time for exploration, reflection and development of higher-order thinking and learning skills. Our aim is to produce young people who are independent and critical learners, confident communicators and well-rounded individuals who are equipped and motivated to succeed.

We seek to provide a post-16 education that is challenging and engaging via our core curriculum with most girls following 3 A Level courses as well as General RE alongside a range of enrichment and leadership opportunities.

The Extended Project Qualification carries UCAS points equivalent to half an A Level. It promotes interest in a topic that pupils feel genuinely passionate about and is a fantastic opportunity to improve independent research and learning skills that are highly valued by universities and employers. The qualification is assessed by a mini-dissertation of up to 5,000 words. Pupils are supported by an EPQ mentor who advises and assesses written work.

Girls are expected to plan and organise their own work experience relevant to career paths or areas of interest.

Visiting speakers from a range of different organisations and backgrounds provide insightful and informative lectures designed to encourage consideration of current affairs and issues affecting young people and inspire pupils to reflect upon on their views and beliefs and those of others.

The Sixth Form Core RE course follows a two-year programme. The course consists of broad areas of study including theology, prayer and moral issues, approached particularly from a Christian perspective. The course is designed to challenge and stimulate pupils and help them reflect on their own beliefs and the beliefs of others.

The DoE Award is widely recognised by educationalists and employers and pupils in the 6th Form have the opportunity to pursue the Gold Award.

Life to the Full is a in-house award scheme for SHOM students that encourages our pupils to embrace our school motto taken from John’s gospel (10:10) ‘that they may have life; life to the full’ by acknowledging and rewarding their academic, extra-curricular and voluntary activities both inside and outside of school. The award seeks to encourage our students to achieve an enriched but balanced and sustainable lifestyle by promoting and sustaining physical and mental well-being whilst simultaneously encouraging the key Gospel values of service, charity and self-discipline. The girls complete the award in a self-directed and self-managed programme to achieve the award at any of Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum levels to recognise their efforts and boost their applications for higher education and future employment once they leave Sacred Heart of Mary Girls’ School.